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This was cool and all, but isn't the whole Madness thing getting a little tired? I've only really seen a few variants that were any good and worth watching (Bunny Kill, for instance). Granted, I haven't been following Madness from the beginning, so I'll admit openly to the possibility that I'm just missing the magic somewhere along the line and just don't get it.

In all fairness and honesty, though, the choreography of the fight scenes in most of the Madness animations I've seen have been pretty impressive. I'm just not usually all that impressed with the animation. But, then, I'm not an animator (yet), so what do I know? XD

3.5 for you, sir! Props for the creative fight scenes and for thinking with portals. ^^

Well THAT took a pretty hard left turn. lol Nicely done. Another triumph!

I have no earthly idea what I just watched. Though, it was juuuust intriguing enough to keep me going "Okay what's gonna happen next?" Definitely an odd piece. I give ye 3 stars.

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mmmmmmmmm...........holy freaking GOD I'm melting to this tune.......VERY well-done, mate.

Zero-Resurrected responds:

Thanks bro! I'm glad you liked this remix! I plan on trying to remix the internet themes from all the MMBN games so be sure to check back later to hear them!

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This is gorgeous work. What is your medium?

dommi-fresh responds:

this is digital art ... but i also use traditional watercolours and what not

OH MY GOD LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU WATERMELON HAVING GIRL!!! O_O IT'S GONNA GETCHU!!!!!!!!!!....wait...what am I saying? Proceed. B-)

Awesome work, as always. You've done some very nice work here. No critique do I have at the moment, *Yoda grunt*

DeliciousOrange responds:

Glad you like it. The tentacles just want to have a taste, they love melons!

Cool. I'm vaguely reminded of Freakazoid. That noted, I think a cross-over pic between her and the Freak would be pretty awesome to see :D Nicely done!

dommi-fresh responds:

freakazoid is fucking rad

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